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83 Golf CL
  • 83 Golf CL


    Very very very Cool Survivor Mars Red Mk1 Golf 1300 CL


    Covered just 94k with only 2 previous owners and 12 Months MOT.


    Lovely natural patina on the exterior body trim and bumpers but as you can see still cleans up an absolute treat, with less than the usual blemishes that you would expect from a 40 year old vehicle that honestly just add to this wonderful little cars charm.


    We can go as far as you want regarding replacing exterior trim and bodywork but it's here in all it's honesty to view first.


    Every single piece of interior trim is there in very good condition including the Wolfsburg steering wheel and the charming working original long and medium wave Blaupunkt radio with single speaker in very good condition with an extremely overall tidy appearance with just some sun fading to the original upholstery and a tiny stitch repair to the drivers seat bolster.


    Engine bay again is very tidy with no rust or rot, we have given it a clean but not gone as far as removing the original waxoil as it has obviously done such a great job of doing what it should, The carb has obviously been rebuilt and filters, oil and the timing belt have also just been replaced so it runs lovely on and off the choke and picks it's feet up when needed and happily keeps up with modern day traffic. it's genuinly a pleasure to drive especially as we have fit height adjustable coilovers, aligned the vehicle and fit modern day tyres to the staggered Porsche D90 alloys finished in gloss black with a diamond cut lip.


    No other modifications other than the wheels ond coilovers have been done and a full set of 5 original steel wheels with their caps and the original suspension are available with the car if required.


    So can easilly be easilly returned to standard in an afternoon.


    Overall this is one of the tidiest and cleanest original Mk1's we have ever come accross, it's such a lovely little car that can be used all year round and with the whole family that would equally hold it's own at any event and look mega rolling in 4 up with the dog and a period roofrack adorning the afternoons picnic.



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