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88 XR2
  • 88 XR2


    Fast Ford Fiesta Mk2 XR2, registered Oct '88. With just 53,000 miles, and MOT’d till June 24



    We are pleased to be able to offer this wonderful car purchased and built by Ducati John (google him) in Nov 2008 with only 50,700. He then set about prepping the car for racing but kept it road legal so it could easily be returned to standard if required.



    This is one beautifully finished race car which is to be expected from this chap in all fairness





    Extremely good condition and as good underneath with all the original glass except for the screen. Few marks here and there but as you can see looks great and is rock solid with 95% original paint with 0 rot.





    Stack oil pressure, oil temp and battery voltage gauges are installed as is a safety devices cage which is MSA certified for circuit racing. OMP racing seat and Willans 6 point harness installed to the drivers side in mid-2011. Sparco race seat and 4 point harness are to the passenger side. Plumbed extinguisher system is suitable for circuit racing, bottle was renewed Sept 18, but would need a service for competitive racing but otherwise OK.





    original 1600 CVH on a 0.50mm overbore.

    Rebuilt in 2008 (50,889 miles) with a knife edged and balanced Crank, Polished and shot-peened pistons and rods, new big end and main bearing shells, lightly ported head rebuilt with a Chesman FORC/286/416 cam, valve springs with solid lifters. Earls oil cooler and oil stat (oil cooler has its own cooling fan). Yamaha R1 carbs using a unique inlet manifold. The car starts and runs unbelievably well with no idling or bogging issues at all. Ashley exhaust was fitted in 2014 and the dyno run after this shows 101 bhp at the wheels.





    Rebuilt in 2008 using an RS Turbo LSD and clutch with a 1.7 Puma gearset. This gear set gives lower and closer 4th and 5th ratio's. Vibra-Technics race mounts also installed.





    Gaz adjustable coilover suspension with a full front end rebuilt using Polyrace bushes. Rear axle is also centre split to give some more camber to the rear wheels.





    Essentially a set up but with Brembo discs and Ferodo race pads which are unbelievably good.

    Recon calipers and new braided hoses were fitted in Feb 2011 and the system is filled with Castrol SRF brake fluid.





    The car has been raced in the Classic Sports Car Club Tin Top and Future Classics series.

    With the current set-up the car has lapped Outon Park in 2 min 9.4 secs, Mallory Park in 56.7 secs and Angelesey in 1 min 27.7 secs.



    Proof that this is one seriously capable race car that’s cheap to run is extremely good fun and has proved to be super reliable that can also be used on the road which has been meticulously maintained.



    The value of the car reflects the excellent condition of the low milage shell more than anything else, obviously if this was a standard car we would be looking at 10k plus although you could unbolt the cage, fit a full interior and you’d almost be back to a standard looking car which would undoubtably increase it’s value or take it further, return it to fully original and name your price.



    There are also plenty of spares to come with it including bumpers arches and multiple wheels including a set with road tyres with an approximated value of around £1500



    No test pilots please but any serious interest just get in touch and we will gladly take you out in it




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