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98 E36 328i M Sport/M3 Evo Conversion
  • 98 E36 328i M Sport/M3 Evo Conversion


    Beautifully presented E36 Coupe repainted inside out in San Marino Blue over Black M3 Leather, MOT'd till Feb 2025 with everything from a BMW M3 Evo in it bar the gear box but more on this below...


    What started life as a solid 328i M Sport was stripped down to a shell along with a not so solid M3 Evo which was then painted in the fantastic M4 Specific San Marino Blue that looks like it could have come from BMW's Individual Catalogue in 1998, anything M3 Evo Specific was transferred over to it including the infamous 3.2 S50 B32 engine and anything at all M3 related along with a 5 speed Z3 M box a 3.23 Diff, a set of BC Racing Coilovers and a beautiful exhaust system. The vehicle was built in 2011 and was then enjoyed by the builders till last year when they eventually were persuaded by the current owner to let it go, unfortunately circumstances change which is why this vehicle is now available.


    The current owner has had over £2000 spent on preventative maintenance, pagid RS29 pads along with Castrol React fluid and abs installing at R Elsworth's in November. Newly powdercoated wheels, a lower drive height, the incredible exhaust note, and blistering power delivery along with the GT spoiler (raisers included) and the timeless M3 styling in that colour mean that it's ready to enjoy this summer.


    As you would expect the vehicle has some minor imperfections but as you can see presents and drives exeptionally well.


    We've had the pleasure of driving many an M3 and a fair few have been E36's but this thing is incredible, be it a good engine, the box or the diff or a combination of them all we don't know but what we do know is that a test drive is absolutely necessary for any serious potential new owner.



    Apologies This Vehicle Is Now Sold

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