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98 Golf Wagon
  • 98 Golf Wagon

    1998 MK3 Golf 1.9 TDI Estate 90bhp 

    MOT till Jan 2014

    Tax till

    Selling on behalf of my good friend and photographer Simon

    140k FSH Full Genuine HEATED estate Leather interior (different to hatchback) including door panels, handbrake, gear gaitor with heated front seats Electric mirrors Electric windows x 4 Vento front end (bonnet. lights, grill and bumper) 17" Azev A alloys 195/40/17 on front 205/40/17 on back Vr6 lower glove box Vento VR6 Rear centre console Colour coded mirrors Roof rails Retractable luggage blind Front fogs (wired to correct switch with factory wiring Smooth door handles (no key holes in front ones) Remote central locking Pioneer componant speakers and wired for amp and sub Vr6 GTI side mouldings, arches and cill trims Front coilovers, rear cut springs (only one coil so they still sit in the cups and can't fall out on full axle drop, still retains its load carrying capabilities too) pic is how it would look if he'd have let me get my hands on it :) get in touch for pricings to do this

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